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NTV’s Faridah Nakazibwe’s Introduction ‘Frustrated’ by Kigongo

“You end up appreciating the fact that even when you both disagree on certain things, your love for each other will always bring you both back to each other,” NTV news anchor said last month as she went public about her new man.

Well, their love for each other might have re-united them but this was without the blessing of her ex, Moses Kigongo, the Vice Chairman of NRM.

It’s reported that the couple had set Saturday as the day for their introduction at Nakazibwe’s parent’s home in Masaka, however,this didn’t go in their favour as the function was allegedly foiled by Kigongo.

Reports indicate that there was heavy security deployment in Masaka on Saturday, scaring off her new man, one Dr Umar Sali. The function was called off out of fear.

“Finally you deserve someone that makes you a priority and gives the effort to be with you, not excuses,” she added at the time she went public on her new relationship.

Dr Sali might be madly in love with her but given a choice, his life is his first priority if we are to go be his latest decision!

Apparently after learning of what was taking place in Masaka, Sali ran for his dear life by flying back to Oman, where he is based.

It ought to be remembered that while still dating Kigongo, he spent a reasonable sum of money on Nakazibwe. Among this included buying a new Land Cruiser car worth close to Shs100millions.


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