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Assistant RDC/RCC appointments a prodigal and foolhardy move by the autocrat

Mr Abrahams is a cyber security expert and sociopolitical analyst

In the land of Matooke and Rolex where political maneuvering is as common as boda boda rides in Kampala traffic, a new spectacle is unfolding on the administrative stage. Behold, dear readers, the grand unveiling of not one, but two Assistant RDCs/RCCs per district! It’s a move so bold, even the most seasoned politicians are scratching their heads in confusion.
Appointing a bunch of 360 assistant RDCs/RCCs is such a prodigal and foolhardy move given the current ailing state and structure of the Uganda’s economy.

We’ve already got Deputy RDCs/RCCs running around like headless chickens, not to mention the solitary RDC/RCC per district, with Kampala boasting a whole slew of deputies per division. And now, drumroll please, enter stage left, the Assistant RDCs/RCCs, ready to add another layer of bureaucracy to an already convoluted system.

The red flags for the rising cost of running the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) government have been up for years. Currently, the cost of public administration stands at Shs7.4 trillion.

The appointment of Assistant Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) in Public Service rubs salt into the wound. The new burden to the taxpayer, openly balloons the wage bill by Shs3 billion each year. The country is already struggling with the high levels of youth unemployment, poverty that chains many people across the country, corruption as well as a sick healthcare system that condemns the poor to pain and death.

Additionally, the appointment of people with dubious character undermines the Office of the President beyond thinkable proportions and sets a bad precedent for leadership.

With these extra positions hitting the government payroll, one can’t help but wonder if this is the latest episode of “Ugandan Idol: How to Spend Taxpayer Money.” In a time when the government is preaching austerity and belt-tightening, it seems they’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and splurge on a fresh batch of administrative assistants. Because why not?

Meanwhile, across the border in Tanzania, they’re making headlines for investing in an electric train. Yes, you heard that right, while Uganda is busy playing musical chairs with bureaucratic titles, our neighbors are zooming into the future on sleek, modern locomotives. It’s like comparing a Rolex to a sundial, or in this case, a boda boda to a bullet train.

But fear not, dear readers, for in the midst of this bureaucratic bonanza, there’s bound to be some comic relief. Just imagine the scene as two Assistant RDCs/RCCs try to fit into one cramped office, their elbows knocking against each other like overripe jackfruits in a crowded market. And let’s not forget the inevitable power struggles as they jostle for control over who gets to wield the rubber stamp of authority.

The writer is a cyber security expert and sociopolitical analyst

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