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Museveni blogger’s family threatened with Violence over Bobi Wine, NUP posts

KAMPALA: The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) blogger’s family has been threatened with Violence, if he doesn’t stop posting about Bobi Wine and NUP.

On 3rd February 2021, an account operating under fake names (Esteri Ainebyona Kainerugaba) posted on Seruga Titus’ post a comment that threatened the lives of his relatives in Kampala. It reads “ LUMBUYE EXPOSED you Seruga Titus, secondly we have managed to profile you and your family. We have worked day and night to trace your family. We found out where you wives family lives, Entebbe Road do you copy? You are to blame for whatever happens to them. If you block me, you will not know our next steps, so do not be tempted. Wait for the news and if if means exhuming your mother we shall do it, Just ignore NUP and leave us alone. Blame yourself for what happens if you don’t comply.” The post read

The comment was reported to Facebook for being against policy, but the blogger seemed moved and made a post in response “some members of NUP have threatened to kill me if I don’t stop posting about Bobi Wine, am so scared and will stop immediately.”

Since that post Seruga has made one post defending President Museveni and the NRM for borrowing money to develop infrastructure in order to enhance economic development, in his last post Seruga emphasises that all governments borrow money the reason is clear, “Essentially, the government of Uganda borrows so that it can enable higher spending without having to increase taxes. The annual amount the government borrows is known as the budget deficit. The total amount the government has borrowed is known as the national debt or public sector debt. This money is paid back by taxes government collects, which means that every year government pays on the loans.“ says the Blogger.

“Infrastructure Investment. The government invests in public sector investment. For example, roads, electricity dams, hospitals, and others. This investment can give a return on the investment which helps to boost production capacity and increase economic growth. Your relative in Hoima can produce goods and get them to Kampala within 3 hours due to the good road that was not there before, at the same time a businessman can sell his goods in Hoima at the same cost the road has opened a new market for him therefore he can increase production as a result of increased demand of goods.government  areas.” Titus Seruga opined

Seruga is the last standing blogger that defends President Museveni and the NRM, he is known for sharing highly sensitive intelligence briefs, recently he released news of the departure of Barbie Kyagulanyi days before the NUP First Lady left the country, like many stories Seruga seems to have had an idea of Kyagulanyi’s plans to take the wife out of the country or was given inside information within NUP.

Seruga Titus is remembered for fighting crime in 2017 teaming up with intelligence agencies to expose and cause the arrest of criminals within the police force, this lead to the arrest of many Police officers including the Inspector General of Police.

He has since defended many actions of President Museveni and widely seen as more of a Museveni defender online, many Believe Seruga Titus is not a person you can scare off reading comments on his posts having exposed espionage cases of high connected individuals which is considered to be highly sensitive information, recently turned against Col. Kaka Bagyenda the former Internal Security Organisation boss, exposing what he called criminality performed in ISO, it’s took him only three months to have the President’s attention on the matter and Kaka was fired.

Seruga Titus is widely known and mentioned in all Rwanda government sponsored media outlets as a Pro Government agent working for Uganda for his an relentless attacks on authorities in Rwanda for economic and political sabotage against Uganda, Seruga exposed what called a plan by Rwanda to overthrow the regime in Kampala using riots and crimes, this lead to mass arrests of Rwandan security personnel operating in Uganda. Rwanda protested and closed its borders to Uganda mentioning Seruga and other individuals like renown lawyer Edgar Tabalo as one of those trading bad propaganda against Rwanda, in one of this tabloids Rwanda even demanded to have Seruga Repatriated to Rwanda for prosecution well knowing he is Ugandan.

One would think security agencies in Uganda monitor and provide protection to Seruga’s family in Kampala but his decision to withdraw from social media tells you a lot. When asked why he has withdrawn Seruga told our reporter that “Am not scared, am proud of what I do to defend the sovereignty of my country, I made the decision to do so in 2017 and God has made me stay alive, I have survived attempts and the enemy knows am capable of protecting myself, but you have to make sure other people you care about are also safe, it appears the enemy has gotten closer and I will have to first press the reset button. It’s the duty of Uganda Government to secure my family” says Seruga Titus. The current threat against my relatives is mixed because the account says ignore NUP and *leave us* leave who?, is there a third party apart from NUP?

Asked if he is paid to do what he does online, he responds “ I don’t need to be paid to serve my nation, where I live it’s a honour to serve your country, those fighting to become political leaders in Uganda are fighting to serve the nation. My interest is a better Uganda, I can say without fear of contradiction that I have never been paid by any state agency for any of my works, I volunteer to defend the good that is done and I criticise the bad as well. Many times I have come out to criticise bad policies and corrupt officials, I have criticised almost all agencies that do things wrongly for the good of my country and for the sole purpose of seeing positive change”. Says Seruga. As soon as I have guarantee that those I care for in Kampala are safe I will be online doing what I do best.

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