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Jose Chameleon Finally Breaks Silence On His Ban From Guvnor

The ‘Valu Valu’ hit maker has finally opened up on why he was banned from Club Guvnor.

Contrary to earlier reports that claimed the musician had been banned from the Industrial Area based club for an alleged fight with the club’s resident DJ, Baby Love, Chameleon says that he was banned out of envy.

He says that the owner of the club got jittery because he appeared in a rival club.

Chameleon says he was approached by Club Establishment to grace their grand opening.

“As a business man I took his offer and did a great job which hasn’t gone down well with the neighboring Club Guvnor!! This sent them into panic and eventually one of Club Govnor’s DJs found me and my friends in Club Play as I took a few friends out. He came and tried to reason with me telling me how Guvnor will start a war with me since I worked with its neighboring Club Establishment.

“The argument got heated and I asked him why they have the right to work with different artistes and I can’t work with other clubs as if I am married to them!!!!! We argued a lot but none of us was physical. Their DJ went back to Guvnor, made a false report and has steered his selfish interest which he shared it with more Dj’s around to validate his ego.”

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