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Trace TV Joins DJs In Boycot Of Jose Chameleone’s Music

Despite denying beating local DJ, Brian, it appears Jose Chameleone’s woes are far from getting over.

Last week local DJs banned the singer’s music, accusing him of beating one of their own, DJ Brian. Posters banning his music were printed and posted in city hangout joints.

This sent Chameleon on panic and came out shortly to deny beating Brian, though admitted they had a quarrel.

But just two days after his statement, International music channel, Trace Music through its sister channel, Trace Mziki appears to have joined the DJs to sideline Chameleon’s music.

It ought to be remembered that no international music channel plays Chameleon’s music more than Trace.

Whereas many music stations like  BET, MTV Base among others hardly play Chameleon’s music, he enjoyed regular airplay on Trace, featuring songs such as ‘Wale Wale’ and ‘Valu Valu’.

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