Miracle center cathedral speaks out after arrest of prodigal son Qute Kaye. - Daily Post Uganda

Miracle center cathedral speaks out after arrest of prodigal son Qute Kaye.

The day Qute Kaye gave his life to Christ at Miracle Center Cathedral

A member of Miracle center cathedral, Qute Kaye, once a popular musician of the Jinkese fame was arrested arrested today morning after he was caught stealing headlights from a car in Busega, Rubaga Division in Kampala.

This comes a few months after giving his life to Christ at the famous 77 Days of Glory at Pastor Robert Kayanja’s Church in Rubaga Division.

It is reported that Kaye was arrested after residents who made an alarm, attracting crowds, spotted him.

Kampala metropolitan spokesperson Luke Oweyesigire however said that he had not yet confirmed the incident.

“The people I’m supposed to crosscheck with about Cute Kaye’s arrest are in a meeting. I’ll confirm to you later,” said Oweyesigire when contacted.

Kaye broke onto the music scene in 2007, with his first album Ginkese, which took the airwaves and nightclubs by storm.

He is billed to songs such as Ginkese, Gwendota, Njagala Omuwala, Osindise Asitamye featuring Iryn Namubiru, and Gyetwasokela with Priscilla Kalibala, among other songs.

However, Peter Kiruuta, a member of Miracle Center Cathedral has come out to disclose the wicked lifestyle the struggling musician Qute Kaye has been living.

Kiruuta whose lengthy post had dismay written all over it pointed out all the help the singer has been receiving from the church but still refused to transform.

“I have seen this guy being helped by church to forget the lifestyle he lived before knowing Christ. Pastor Robert and Jessica Kayanja have done their best to help him;they cleared his rent arrears worth Ug. shs 700,000 per month,” he wrote.

Kiruuta added, “He was given a Pajero, a platform top record and perform his music free of charge and given over Ug. shs 1.8M for his son’s school fees every term.”

He says that all this was done to help Kaye get busy and forget about his past lifestyle but it was all in vain.

In May 2013, Kaye was announced dead by some radio stations, after he had been bedridden for a while. He however came out to clear the rumuors and said he was still alive.

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