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Mbabazi behind donor money cancellations

Officials at the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) quietly suspect that former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi could be the brainchild behind the woes that have hamstrung Uganda’s road industry of late.

Major donors like the World Bank, African Development Bank (ADB) and Islamic Development Bank (IDB) cancelled donations to Uganda with road infrastructural projects coming off the worst hit.

The World Bank particularly cancelled funding worth $1.5b (Shs5 trillion) and rejected pleas by President Museveni.

After silent inquiries to probe the reasons behind the cancellations, government officials suspect that Mbabazi might have harnessed his connections with the powers that be in Washington to frustratre funding to Uganda and expose the government to criticism.

“We know that Mbabazi has not been as quiet as most people believe. He has been silently pulling the strings especially with his connections in world capitals to frustrate funding to Uganda. But the government is not resting,” a highly impeccable source anonymously intimated to Daily Post.

It was particularly intriguing that the cancellations came at a time Mbabazi took a highly confidential working trip abroad. It remains unclear which countries he travelled to but technocrats at the Works Ministry have enough reason to suspect that he is behind their woes.


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