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Glamour girl Martha Kay’s nude pictures and video trending on social media

Martha Kay’s nude pictures and video have been leaked

KAMPALA: The year 2019 seems to be that of Ugandan women exposing their photos and videos of their naked bodies on media even though some have had their mates or boyfriends leak the unpalatable details.

Just a few  days ago a daughter of a prominent Muslim cleric Sheikh Kasule Ndilangwa had her naked photos making rounds on social media. MS Shawula Kasule’s is said to have shared the moment with her boyfriend but unfortunately the pictures have found their way to the social media.

The latest on the social media waves at the moment and WhatsApp is that glamour girl Martha Kagimba alias Martha Kay’s nudes have been leaked after she mysteriously lost her phone.

The social messaging app has several photos of the socialite naked and posing for photos on a bath tub with her never fading signature smile. What some nudes analysts first rubbished as photoshop has been given the green flag and the experts believe that it is actually Martha Kay’s nudes.

“It is not photoshop. Her breasts are really small and her smile blends with the body language generally, an analyst said. He added that considering the socialite lost her phone which is Android, it is very much likely that the people who stole her phone released the nudes.

Other people say that on top of the pictures, there is a video circulating of a nude Martha Kay also on WhatsApp. “It is so hard to make a fake nude video and we don’t notice. We have a lot of experience analysing these things”, they said.


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