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Public vow to close Stanbic accounts over Minister Kibule ‘misconduct’

The general public and workers have protested the Stanbic Bank apology to state minister for Water, Mr Ronald Kibuule, who is accused of assaulting a female guard, who wanted him subjected to a routine security check at the bank’s Mukono branch.

Mr Wilson Owere,  the chairman general of National Organisation of Trade Unions, condemned the apology, describing it as injustice to a worker who was doing her work given to her by the same bank.

“We all need to unite against this injustice. An injury to one is an injury to us all. We must show the minister the mighty power of workers,” Mr Owere said.

“We are talking to the minister. He must apologise or resign,” he added.

Mr Owere said he had directed NOTU secretary general to investigate the matter.

Mr Kibuule allegedly assaulted Ms Hellen Obuku before calling in the Mukono District police commander, Mr Alfred Ahimbisibwe, to arrest her on a trumped-up charge of libel, a media-related offence.

In a letter dated August 26, Stanbic Bank chief executive officer, Mr Patrick Mweheire, apologised to Mr Kibuule for the embarrassment the incident might have caused him.

“I convey my sincere apologies for the embarrassment the incident might have caused you. The security guard involved is not a Stanbic Bank employee. We have communicated with the security company to remedy the problem,” Mr Mweheire’s letter read in part.


The bank’s apology to the minister drew mixed reactions on social media at the weekend with several people bashing the bank for promoting injustice. Police and banks have been carrying out blanket security checks of all clients at entrances as a preventive measure against terrorism and robbery.

On Wednesday, Ms Obuku opened an assault charge against Mr Kibuule but the police haven’t summoned him to record a statement.

“He shouted at me not to come closer with the metal detector, saying he would punch me because as a minister he could not be checked. He even refused to identify himself. When I insisted that he should be checked, Kibuule boxed me in the chest,” cried Obuku.

Kibuule forced his way into the bank before calling police which arrested Obuku.

Kibuule reportedly oversaw the arrest, warning Obuku he would not tolerate any familiarity of a government minister.

Obuku said police asked her to seek forgiveness from the minister but that she stood her ground, saying she would not feel sorry for doing her work.


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