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EXCLUSIVE: Plot to hide Shs 6b Oil Cash Bonanza busted

An intricate scheme by the government to hide the Shs 6b paid to top officials as “arrears for non-teaching staff” at Uganda Revenue Authority(URA) has been busted after supplementary budget requests were leaked.

Government placed a Shs6b request for Uganda Revenue Authority with the money listed as meant to pay non-teaching staff at Uganda Revenue Authority even though its publicly known that the tax body does not employ such staff.

The requests were tabled on December 15th and the Budget Committee was scheduled to commence inquiries into the Supplementary requests with particular emphasis on the Shs 6b Oil Cash Bonanza before Deputy Chief Justice Steven Kavuma issued a ‘stupid’ Court order.

It is understood that unscrupulous government officials calculated that MPs would not be eagle-eyed enough to detect the Shs 6b hidden as payments for arrears and are now claiming that the figure was an anomaly.

URA was listed as Vote 141 alongside public Universities like Busitema, Makerere, Muni, Mbarara University for Science and Technology (MUST), Kyambogo and the Uganda Management Institute(UMI).

It is now official that URA was used as the conduit for the Shs 6b that was re-allocated from the URA Tax Fund to the URA Expenditure budget be treated as supplementary expenditure.

When the Budget Committee convenes to inquire into the Supplementary requests, fireworks are expected as URA and Finance Ministry officials struggle to explain the plot to hide the Shs 6b Oil Cahs Bonanza.


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