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Parliamentary campaigns to start October 20

The campaigns for parliamentary candidates are scheduled to start on October 20 while campaigns for the presidential candidates are scheduled to commence on November 10.

The Electoral Commission (EC) spokesperson, Paul Bukenya, has revealed.

The roadmap indicates that although the specific polling dates have not yet been determined, the polling for the general election will take place between January 10 and February 8, next year.

According to the nomination guidelines issued by the EC, a person seeking to be nominated for district chairperson or city mayor will pay nomination fees of sh200,000.

Those seeking to be nominated for municipal mayor will pay sh100,000.

For someone seeking to be a chairperson of a municipal division or district councillor, the nomination fee will be sh50,000 while for someone who wants to be a councillor at lower levels, it will be only sh20,000.

Each of the persons intending to contest for the presidency will be required to pay nomination fees of sh20m and a parliamentary contestant will have to pay sh3m.

Reports from the EC indicate that so far, 31 individuals have picked forms to contest for the president’s seat.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and existing safety measures, election campaigns have been restricted.

According to the regulations issued by the EC, candidates are prohibited from holding mass rallies or processions.

They are expected to conduct elections via the media. However, a cross-section of politicians, including senior government officials, have been conducting campaign-related activities without due regard to the COVID-19 guidelines.

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