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Pakistani fires Angella Katatumba as its Consul in Uganda, Ex Minister appointed

Ex Minister Lukia Nakadama (left) late Bonny Katatumba and Angella Katatumba.

Pakistani President, Mamnoon Hussain has replaced Angella Katatumba as the Pakistani Consul in Uganda.

Ms Angella, who has been in acting position since the death of her father the former Pakistani Consul in Uganda Bonny Katatumba has been replaced with former minister Rukia Nakadama.

Hon Nakadama was appointed months ago by the Pakistani President and approved last week by the Ugandan Foreign Ministry as the new envoy of the South Asian country.

Ms Katatumba was in the recent past entangled in the diplomatic controversy as she tried to hang onto her late father’s office, on grounds that she was appointed by him as the Deputy Consul about 10 years ago.

Speaking to one online news website this morning, Ms Katatumba revealed that she never tried to grab her father’s position but was only opposed to being “undiplomatically” hounded out of office.

“This is what I have been saying all the while; that until someone has been appointed…until we hear from the Pakistani President, I am the Acting Consul,” she said.

She also confirmed that she has long known about the former Minister’s appointment.

“We knew about the proposal for almost four months. They communicated to me that Mrs Nakadama had been proposed as the replacement. Indeed we have been attending functions together, but as the proposed consul. The (Foreign Affairs) Ministry just confirmed her recently,” she said.

Ms Katatumba however, revealed that the new Pakistani Consul will need to find herself a new office, since the Consulate offices at Tank Hill Muyenga, were being housed in her late father’s house.

“It is our property; I can do anything I want with it. It is now up to Nakadama to find where to go; she has to find her own office,” said Katatumba

Unlike Embassies which are fully funded by their home governments, Ms Katatumba told us that Consulates are funded mostly by the appointed consuls themselves.

“For a consulate, they just come and look for a person who is prominent and rich enough to handle their own matters and Pakistani citizens’ issues. They look for the likes of Wavamunno, Katatumba and the like; people who will be able to use their own finances.”

Ms Katatumba nonetheless insisted that she has no issues with the new Appointee, noting, “I have been with her; I even recently attended the Pakistani Day with her.”


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