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Of Kampala pastors and their troubles pulling down the church in Uganda


KAMPALA: Pastor Aloysious Bugiongo is the latest to hit news headlines in Uganda following his bitter disagreement with wife Teddy over church assets as alleged infidelity on the part of the wife, which in the end is to cause bitter divorce.

Daily Post profiles prominent pastors that have had issues that are ungodly.

In 2009, the popular Pastor Robert Kayanja who now runs the 77 DOGS prayer sessition at his Rubaga Miracle Cathedral was accused by fellow pastors – Martin Sempa, Solomon Male and Bob Kayiira, of sodomising two boys. Kayanja said then he was being accused falsely. The victims were Samson Mukisa and David Mukalazi. Amidst investigations, the police said the two victims had retracted their statements, but the victims denied this. Even if he was on the front page of every newspaper, Pastor Kayanja still preached at his church with resilience as he comforted his congregation, saying that he was only being witchhunted. The evangelical pastor has since moved o

As leader of the fellowship of married people at KPC, Stephen Langa said then that he first heard about allegations of sodomy against Pastor Kayanja more than 10 years ago and eventually counselled boys who claimed to have been abused by the pastor.

A renowned counsellor said then that he is not surprised by allegations of sodomy against Pastor Robert Kayanja because he counselled men who claimed to have been sodomised by the pastor as early as the 1990s.

Marriage, teaches family values and counsels gay victims, also claims that a large number of pastors had been enticed by money to become gay. “I wasn’t surprised when these allegations came up. In the life years of my work with Family Life Network, I have counselled victims, saying Kayanja sodomised me,” Langa said in an exclusive interview with The Observer then.

He said that one of the boys he counselled is part of the group that recently accused Rubaga Miracle Centre’s Pastor Kayanja of sexually abusing them.
Samson Mukisa, David Mukalazi, Robinson Matovu, James Ntwatwa, Ronnie Mutebi and Akansimwe Brian claimed that they had been sodomised by Kayanja. Mukisa and Matovu have since retracted their claims under mysterious circumstances. The claims are currently a subject of Police investigations.

In October 2006, a domestic row erupted in the home of David Kiganda, the senior pastor of Christianity Focus Centre in Mengo, Kisenyi, when his wife, Hadijja Nasejje, allegedly cheated on him with a man selling chapattis. Kiganda is now married to a Zimbabwean lady.

In March 2009, self-confessed former homosexuals accused the renowned Catholic priest, Fr. Anthony Musaala, of being a homosexual. Paul Kagaba, who said he was a homosexual for eight years, told a press conference in Kampala that Musaala, a gospel music award-winner, regularly held parties for gays at his residence in Gayaza near Kampala. To add salt to injury, Musaala’s boy-band members accused him of sodomising them, creating a furore around the once popular priest. Police and church investigations into the case fizzled out but not before Musaala was given a special set of rules to abide by from the Catholic Church, among them curfew.

In August 2008, Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga, the senior pastor of Christian Life Church in Bwaise Kampala was arrested in the US for allegedly molesting a 13-year-old girl while on a flight in the United States of America (USA).

The Contra Costa Times newspaper in the US reported then that Sheriff’s deputies (American policemen) apprehended Past Ssenyonga at Oakland International Airport accused of molesting the girl on a flight that originated in Denver to Oakland.


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