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Troubled UPPC boss fired from office over incompetence  


KAMPALA: The troubled Managing Director of Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation (UPPC), Irene Wasike Muwanguzi, has  lost her job again over unsatisfactory performance, according to the Apri 30, 2019 letter written by the company’s Board Chairman Vincent K. Musubire, stating that job has been re-advertised.

Musubire accuses Mrs. Muwanguzi of failing to agree to the four months extension of her contract by March 12 as she did not write back as demanded by the board of the government-owned company.

“The Board has noted that you did not agree to the extension. The Board is advised that your probation contract was terminated by expiry of time on 12th March 2019, thus rendering the position of Managing Director vacant,” Musubire’s letter to Mrs. Muwanguzi reads in part.

“Reference is made to the letter dated March 11, 2019 in which I communicated to you the resolution of the Board to extent your probationary appointment for four months with effect from 13 March 2019 due to your unsatisfactory. As informed in the above letter you were required to communicate your agreement to the extension of your probation not later than Tuesday 12th March 2019, in accordance with section 67(2) of the Employment Act.”

Musubire said in a letter that the board in the special meeting of April 30, 2019 resolved to have the Mrs. Muwanguzi’s job re-advertised with immediate effect.

Mrs. Muwanguzi is now required to hand over the office and company properties in her possession. She is also welcome to reapply for the same job when it is advertised.

In 2016, Mr. Muwanguzi was sacked from the underperforming public company but she would be reinstated on the orders of President Museveni, the lady having reportedly explained at length the issues that led to her ouster. IGG Irene Mulyagonja, supported Mrs. Muwanguzi’s reinstatement.





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