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NWSC’s Parombo Water plant Gets Power Upgrade that Migrates from Generators to Hydro Power

Parombo Water treatment plant

NEBBI; Parombo Water Supply System was designed to operate on electric power supply. However, due to power extension challenges by WENERECO (an electricity supply company), the plants have been operating on 80KVA and 20KVA generators.

But the NWSC Nebbi team now celebrates a great milestone that marks a reduction in operational costs in production at Parombo as the Static team, together with Area team worked on ground with the support of Projects and Capital Developments (P&CD) to ensure that the Water Supply System migrates from generators to hydropower. The Area will now achieve an increase in water production, a reduction in the cost of production, and also improved supply reliability in Parombo area.

The residents of this Town Council in Nebbi District have therefore been trekking long distances in search of water. Thankfully, this whole ordeal is in the past, as the provision of safe drinking water in Parombo has been bolstered by National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) after it was tasked to establish a piped water system in Parombo Town council and surrounding villages. With the completion of the UGX3Bn, Parombo Water Supply Project, NWSC gets to make a life-changing difference to over 28,000 people in the community.

The water station at Parombo works by pumping raw water from the existing two boreholes into the 162 cubic meter reservoir at Acana Hill through the 4.6km transmission mains and 19.3km distribution pipe network from Acana Hill to Parombo Town Council. Walking long distances in search of clean water is fast becoming a thing of the past because clean water is now at the door steps of the residents. NWSC remains committed and has a long standing and established focus on providing clean water and sanitation services for all.

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