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NWSC partners with Moyo town council to improve sanitation, secure water supply

NWSC representatives, Moyo town council officials and other stakeholders

MOYO: The National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has taken various steps to ensure proper waste and water management all the country. NWSC has increased sewerage connections to 23,796 in area of Moyo a way of improving sanitation this leading to an improved lifestyle to the people of these areas.

Moyo area has been facing challenges like Poorly constructed onsite septic tanks and sock pits, lack of proper monitoring of functionality of the facilities by the owner, and lack of an existing mechanism for safe collection, transportation, trea,treatment and disposal of accumulated sludge in septic tanks, unregulated disposal of faecal sludge and septage by unorganised private dislidgers in open land and water bodies.

Against this background, the partnership between NWSC, Local leaders of Moyo town council, and other stakeholders in regard to improving the status of waste and wastewater management was inevitable.

NWSC representatives thus Moyo Area team rendezvoused with the Senior Assistant Town Clerk Moyo Town Council, the District Health Officer Moyo District, the Environmental Officer Moyo District, the Community Development Officer Moyo District, and the Managing Director Moyo School of Nursing and came to a consensus of how to better the sanitation situation in the Area.

The team visited Moyo School of Nursing to obtain an understanding of how the Institution manages waste and agreed to take action to provide ways of water security through the protection of the environment.

NWSC promised to provide technical support to institutions in regard to wastewater management whereas the local leaders agreed to involve the community to effectively address their concerns on liquid waste.

Notably, the Town Council and Ministry were challenged to fasttrack the construction of a Sewerage treatment and disposal system as a long-term strategy.

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