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NFA Officials Sweat Plasma in Parliament

Parliament’s committee of commissions, statutory authorities and state enterprises has grilled National Forestry Authority officials over two billion shillings they got from some its properties.

MPs on the committee found that the money received from the properties was not budgeted for and not remitted to the consolidated account.

“On the budgetary control, they received Shs2billion which they did not budget for and they did not expect that money. Upon the receipt of that money, what they did, they just spent it yet they did not transfer that money to the consolidated account. They spent the money at source. So we have asked them to come tomorrow with an accountability.” Said Anita Among the Vice Chairperson of COSASE

The NFA officials are said to have spent the money at source without any accountability.

They have been ordered to appear before the committee again with the documents to explain how they used the money.

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