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Disappointment as MPs flock banks for vehicles money

Following media reports that Parliament had wired Shs100m meant for vehicles on MPs accounts, the legislators yesterday flooded at their respective banks to ascertain whether they had received the money on their accounts.

It is reported that many of the MPs did not find the money on their accounts.

Margaret Mbeiza, the Kaliro Woman MP, says she checked with her bank but didn’t find the money.

“We’ve not received any money; as I talk now am from Housing Finance bank. I have talked to the chief accountant, they have not released any money and that is why you are seeing members of parliament languishing in Kampala city,” she said.

Medard Sseggona (Busiro East) also said he hadn’t received the money on his account.

“Am not even aware any member of parliament has received that money. But it is not obscene; it is not immoral to receive facilitation to do my work. I don’t want Ugandans to be tempted to take it that way” Sseggona said.

However, reports from parliament say, over 70 MPs who are still battling election petition charges missed out on this share of cars until their issues are fully settled.

Parliament’s commissioner says “the move is aimed at saving the institution from losses in the event that some of those dragged to court are thrown out.”

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