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Kasese killings: Panicky Museveni summons NRM MPs

Rattled by threats of a trial before the International Criminal Court(ICC), President Museveni has summoned the National Resistance Movement (NRM) to put up a spirited defence  of the massacres in Rwenzori sub-region that have left hundreds dead, many missing and an unknown number injured.

Museveni today sent a message via the Government Chief Whip Ruth Nankabirwa directing NRM MPs to report to State House tomorrow morning to hear his side of what transpired on November 27th when the UPDF attacked the Buhikira palace.

Museveni has maintained a deafening silence since the attack and has only preferred to speak in closed-door meetings even as the tensions in the Rwenzori sub-region rage on.

He only spoke about the attack during a UPDF High Command meeting.

Mr Museveni is expected to give detailed account on what transpired on that November 27th and spiritedly defend the brutal actions of the security forces.

But Museveni’s right-hand-men are said to be worried by the prospect of an embarrassing trial in the International Criminal Court (ICC), though this appears unlikely.



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