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Chameleone’s Wife Cuts Off Hair To Commemorate Father’s Death

Jose Chameleone’s wife, Daniella Atim has joined a list of other celebrities that have cut off their hair short. But the reason behind her move is related to her late Father.

We’ve learnt that the shaving off of her hair was in respect to her late dad, Fr John Scalabrin, who passed on a few weeks back.

Traditionally, when you lose a loved one, ladies are supposed to shave off their hair and majority of her fans seem to understand the reason behind her new look.

However some people are advising her to go back to her previous haircut as opposed to her latest hair-do that has left her with a boyish look.

Majority have come out to her defense, saying that even though she looks weird with the new look, she had no other choice apart from shaving off her hair.

Shamina Ahmed Kityo I think it’s tradition to chop off the hair after loss of a father!

In this case will shall excuse her boyish looks en wait for her to grow it back.

Olgah Mutabazi She mourning her dad. PI hope we be more respectful.

Jacky Precious Muwanguzi She has just lost her dad Bambi…akungubagga


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