Baboon meat being sold to travellers at Kafu Bridge – UWA - Daily Post Uganda

Baboon meat being sold to travellers at Kafu Bridge – UWA

“People must be careful with what they eat on the way. These people slaughter baboons and calves which they smear with blood to make the meat appear dark like game meat,”

Addressing the press on Tuesday, Dr. Andrew Seguya, the UWA Executive Director said a number of times, they have arrested and prosecuted people selling baboon meat in Kafu claiming that it is antelope or other game meat to unsuspecting travellers.

Mr. Seguya’s also commented on media reports which claimed that UWA game rangers had executed seven people in Murchison Falls conservation area on August 23rd.

Mr. Seguya explained that on the fateful day, their game rangers were attacked by seven armed poachers who engaged the game rangers prompting them to retaliate, shooting dead two of the attackers.

“The two were identified as Samuel Baguma and Alex Bagira. These are former rangers who were dismissed because of poaching which we do not condone,” he said adding that the authority is increasingly coming under attack by poachers who are eyeing ivory tusks from elephants in Murchison Falls National Park.

“These are national assets we are conserving on your behalf for future generations. You should be supporting the rangers and not the poachers who want to rob your goods,” he said


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