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Archbishop-elect Samuel Kazimba must address the plight of parish priests-analysts


KAMPALA: The House of Bishops of converging at Namirembe on Wednesday elected Bishop Stephen Samuel Kazimba Mugula of Mityana Diocese as the nineth Archbishop of Church of Uganda.

Bishop Kazimba is replacing retiring Archbishop Rt.Rev.Stanley Ntagali. But analysts who talked to this website said the new head of the Anglican Church in Uganda must focus his eyes on the plight of parish reverends who don’t receive live in dire conditions, despite the institution having various properties that it uses to earn billions of money every year.

“Can you compare a parish reverend of the Church of Uganda with a Father of the Catholic Parish in terms of welfare?” An analyst asked.

A concerned citizen also argued that Kazimba should as well focus on building reverend good houses as well as erecting new structures to replace old buildings. “He should start the project of building houses for parish reverends, especially those in rural areas,” he said.

He also said Church of Uganda should help village reverends educate their children in good schools so as they have chance to look after their parents in old age. The Church of Uganda should also ensure that reverends get best medication when they are sick.

“We have reverend in the villages who can’t take their children to good schools,” he said, adding it was high time Church of Uganda considered its foot soldiers in the villages.

Previous Archbishops

1st Archbishop Leslie Brown, a British missionary and was the first Archbishop of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Boga-Zaire (1961-1966)

2nd Archbishop Erica Sabiti (1966 – 1974)

3rd Archbishop Janani Luwum (1974 – 1977). Martyred in 1977.

4th Archbishop Silvanus Wani (1977 – 1983)- In 1980, Rwanda, Burundi, and Boga-Zaire became a separate, Francophone Province, and Uganda became its own Province.

5th Archbishop Yona Okoth (1983 – 1995)

6th Archbishop Livingstone Mpalanyi-Nkoyoyo (1995 – 2004)

7th Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi (2004 – 2012)

8th Archbishop Stanley Ntagali (2012-2020)


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