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BREAKING: Wounded Dr Riek Machar in critical condition

Dr. Riek Machar, who was sacked as South Sudan’s vice-president last month and now  in Sudan capital Khartoum to receive “urgent medical attention.” is reportedly in critical condition.   It  emerged that the Khartoum government of Omar Bashir helped in the evacuation of Machar who was very sick and wounded at the time of the operation. He was airlifted from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).


The chopper that airlifted Machar from DRC jungles

Dr. Riekortdely to be

According to the photos, Machar can be seen being carried on a stretcher by un named UN officials into DR Congo hospital together with his wife Angelina Teny together with his entourage.

It is indicated that the photo was taken from some security officer from Congo who was around when the rebel leader was evacuated from Goma to Kinshasa.

Before the pictures emerged, Machar had not been seen in public since July’s clashes between his supporters and those of President Salva Kiir which killed some 300 people raising speculation that he could have been taken out in the fighting.


Machar’s injured foot after long walk

Currently, Machar is in Khartoum over what the Sudan government said was on humanitarian grounds because of critical conditions of the former South Sudan vice president.


A UN doctor attending to machar


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