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Academic Registrar sentenced for assaulting Secretary

The court in Arua has convicted Dr. Lam James Lagoro and sentenced him to community service. The former Academic Registrar of Muni University was convicted and sentenced for assaulting Rev. Fr. Dr. Picho Epiphany Odubuker, the University Secretary. Lam assaulted Fr. Picho on Friday, September 4, 2015 in the office of the Vice Chancellor. The case was then reported to the University Council and Police in Arua Central Police.

The University Council first interdicted Dr. Lam to pave ways for investigation into the matter. The Council Committee that investigated the case found Dr. Lam guilty. The council attempted to reconcile the two parties but Dr. Lam denied having assaulted Fr. Picho, refusing to cooperate with the Council in the reconciliation process.  Our sources told us that Fr. Picho accepted the reconciliation attempt and he was willing to forgive Dr. Lam on condition that Lam admitted to have assaulted him and apologized to him in writing. Our sources revealed that Fr. Picho was taking advantage of the Year of Mercy declared by the Pope to forgive Lam.

Having failed to reconcile the two, the University Council in its meeting on Friday, February 26, 2016 decided to terminate the services of Dr. Lam from service at the University. Accordingly, on Monday, February 29, 2016 Dr. Lam was served with his dismissal letter and the University is now in the process of filling the vacant post.

In Police, the case took a different twist when the DPP decided to charge Dr. Lam and prove to court that he was guilty.  Accordingly, court found Dr. Lam guilty and sentenced him to community service for a period of six month.  He is serving his sentence at the court premises in Arua

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