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UNEB releases 2023 PLE results with drop in division one, two

KAMPALA: The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) announced Thursday that the number of candidates who scored in Divisions One and Two in the 2023 Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) has seen a slight decrease compared to the previous year.

However, UNEB Executive Director Daniel Odong highlighted a positive trend, noting an increase in the number of candidates achieving Division 3 and above compared to 2022 results. Overall, Mr. Odong reported that the pass rate remains consistent with last year, at 88.0%.

“A higher proportion of the 2023 candidates passed in Division 3 and above level. Overall, the performance of candidates is comparable to that of 2022,” Mr Odogo said.

Encouragingly, the examination body also registered a decline in the number of ungraded candidates in the 2023 PLE results.

“Division U (Ungraded) is awarded to candidates who have failed to reach the minimum level of performance that can be awarded at least a Division 4 They are not eligible for admission to the Senior 1 class. It should be noted that the number of candidates in Division U is quite high, at 88,269 (10.4%) and should raise concern so that they do not just add to the statistics of school drop-outs,” he said on Thursday.

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