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NWSC’s Ripple of success as NRM celebrates 38 years in power

KAMPALA: As the vibrant colors of NRM Liberation Day paint the skies over Uganda on January 26th, the nation rejoices in a celebration that transcends time. National Liberation Day, as it’s affectionately known, marks the triumphant overthrow of the previous government by the National Resistance Movement in 1986. This year, the jubilation takes on an added resonance with the theme: “Building a country we all cherish,” a cornerstone of the broader NRM party manifesto 2021-2026, dedicated to ‘securing Uganda’s future.’

In the tapestry of Uganda’s progress, the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) stands as a shining thread, weaving its way through the fabric of growth and development. Since the NRM government took the reins, NWSC has embarked on a journey to fulfill its mandate of providing clean and safe water for all.

Geographical Coverage at 84%.

NWSC’s commitment to reaching every corner of the nation is evident in its impressive geographical coverage of 84%. The flow of clean water now reaches places that once thirsted for this essential resource, a testament to the tireless efforts of the corporation in bringing progress to all.

Customer Satisfaction Index at 80%.

Building a cherished country isn’t just about infrastructure; it’s about fulfilling the needs of the people. NWSC’s Customer Satisfaction Index stands proudly at 80%, reflecting a commitment to excellence in service delivery that resonates with the hearts of the Ugandan people.

Ugandans Served at 18,225,340.

Numbers speak volumes, and NWSC’s impact is quantifiable with a staggering 18,225,340 Ugandans now enjoying the benefits of clean and safe water. The corporation’s dedication to improving lives echoes through the millions it serves, leaving a lasting imprint on the nation’s path to progress.

Asset Base at UGX 4,349,287,191,000 – A Foundation for the Future.

Financial stability is the cornerstone of sustainable growth, and NWSC’s robust asset base of UGX 4,349,287,191,000 speaks volumes. This strong foundation not only secures the corporation’s present but also paves the way for future endeavors in service to the Ugandan people.

Projected 95% Service Coverage by 2028.

Looking ahead, NWSC sets an ambitious goal of achieving 95% service coverage by 2028, a promise that underscores its unwavering commitment to the people of Uganda. The future holds the promise of even broader access to clean water, a vital component in the realization of a cherished nation.

NWSC – A Model Utility in Africa, a Benchmark for the World.

Beyond its borders, NWSC has become a beacon of inspiration for utilities across the continent. As a model utility in Africa, it has set itself as a benchmark for others, showcasing the power of dedication and innovation in the pursuit of excellence. NWSC’s influence extends beyond its own success, as it generously offers consultancy and advisory services to utilities worldwide, cementing its vision of being the leading customer service-oriented utility in the world.

As Uganda commemorates NRM Liberation Day, let us revel not only in the memories of the past but also in the ripples of success that continue to shape the nation’s future. NWSC’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of commitment and resilience. As the sun sets on this historic day, it casts a warm glow on Uganda, a nation building a legacy of progress and prosperity for generations to come.

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