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Police escort Miguna from Dubai Airport to Toronto

Miguna Miguna at the airport before departure

Deported lawyer Miguna Miguna has left Dubai International Airport for Toronto, Canada after he produced his Canadian passport, sources close to him have revealed.

Speaking exclusively to the press, his lawyer Nelson Havi said that he had landed in Toronto to receive medical attention and should be expected back in Kenya.

Miguna Miguna has, out of his own volition and with the assistance of the Canadian Consulate in UAE, travelled to and arrived in Toronto, Canada.

He will undergo toxicology tests and treatment for the chemicals used to sedate and poison him. He will return thereafter.

Miguna had earlier maintained he had no travel documents with him after he lost them during the three-day impasse at JKIA, insisting he would only board a Nairobi-bound flight. The fiery lawyer left UAE aboard a Canadian Air Flight No. AC 057 that left the airport a few minutes to midnight on April 1.

The plane touched down at Toronto Pearson International Airport at 12.15pm on Monday after a 13-hour-and-25-minute flight.

Initial reports indicate that he was escorted by United Arab Emirates (UAE) police.  His deportation case at the High Court will continue on Friday.  Taken ill Miguna was taken ill when arrived in Dubai and was admitted at the Sheikh Rashid Hospital.

Miguna Miguna with Sheikh Khalid at Dubai International Airport.

He claimed his body, especially his ribs, were hurting after being drugged, assaulted and dragged to the flight during his deportation.

In a statement on Saturday, he said he needed urgent medical attention, calling on his supporters to liberate him from Dubai and facilitate his return to Kenya. “The illegitimate tyrants in Nairobi injected poison, disease causing agents and other fatally debilitating chemicals in my body,” he said.

On Sunday, he tweeted that he was receiving proper medical attention from the UAE government.

‘’Finally, the professional and humane side of the United Arab Emirates exhibits itself. A senior government official, Sheikh Khalid, is escorting me to go get proper medical tests and treatment arising from the barbaric assault, torture and chemical poisoning by the tyrannical Jubilee regime’’


Source: The Standard.

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