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NWSC MD challenges Soroti, Moroto areas on performance, personal development & leadership competence

NSWC MD Dr. Silver Mugisha (PHOTO/Courtesy).

MOROTO: The Managing Director of National Water and Sewerage Corporation Dr. Silver Mugisha has challenged Soroti and Moroto staff to take charge of the business growth of the Corporation and their personal growth.

The MD who is on a performance improvement tour of NWSC operations in eastern and northern Uganda tipped staff on performance, personal development, team work & leadership competence.

Performance Focus:

The MD assured staff that improved performance will lead to scale adjustments as agreed by the Board.

He encouraged staff to interest themselves in understanding the nature of NWSC business and its service philosophy. He asked managers to understand population statistics to properly understand the demand of the NWSC services.

He further emphasized cost consciousness on the part of the managers so as to move towards break-even status.

Dr. Silver Mugisha reminded staff that NWSC operates in a commercially & financially viable manner in comparison with other civil service institutions.

Water Production

He encouraged the areas to make more water available for distribution.

He tasked area managers to project business growth in the next 10 years. Areas like Moroto had there boundaries expanded indicating NWSC still has a-lot of room for expansion and staff have to understand the needs of the areas.

Staff Welfare:

He laid emphasis on staff welfare. He said the Board and Management are committed to staff welfare. He said the recent absorption of support staff, graduate trainees and salary scale alignment was evidence of this.

He informed staff the Corporation would soon advertise for absorption of long serving staff without degrees. He emphasized that this shouldn’t hinder staff from going back to school because knowledge is power and enables people to grow.

He tasked the Human Resource department to focus on staff productivity and understanding staff welfare.

He asked HR to prioritize in guiding staff on personal investment and not to shy away from real problems that affect people as they affect staff productivity.

Corporate Plan

He informed staff that The Board had approved the Corporate Plan 2021-2023. The Corporate Plan is ambitious and has introduced new areas of transformation to re-engineer business of the organization.

*Stakeholder Engagement:*
He encouraged staff to create good working relations with elected local leaders and key government officials. He charged Moroto which has insecurity to have a good working relationship with the security services to ensure service continuity.

He reminded staff to maintain the COVID-19 SOPs and safe during these times of Covid. He encouraged staff to get vaccinated.

Integrity is key according to Dr Silver Mugisha and is extremely embarrassing when staff are involved in corrupt acts.

“In life you need to have a sense of urgency to make it”

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