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NWSC Impersonator Convicted for Fraudulent Practices

Kakembo Fabian

MUKONO: Kakembo Fabian, a 27-year-old man, has recently been sentenced to two and a half years in prison for engaging in fraudulent activities while impersonating an employee of the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC).
In the year 2021, Kakembo’s illicit deeds caught up with him when he was apprehended in Seeta, Goma division, Mukono district. Numerous customers had come forward with complaints, alleging that he had promised to reduce their water bills in exchange for payments. To facilitate this deceit, he went to great lengths, including creating a counterfeit identity card that falsely claimed authorization from an NWSC Human Resource Manager. Kakembo was charged with multiple offenses, including forgery, impersonation, uttering of false documents, and obtaining goods by false pretense.
The Buganda Road Utility Court Magistrate, Her Worship: Nambozo Samula, delivered the verdict. She found Kakembo guilty on all counts and imposed a sentence of two and a half years of imprisonment.

It’s important to note that Kakembo had been out on bail until the sentencing phase, during which he expressed a preference for a fine rather than incarceration. However, Magistrate Nambozo emphasized the significance of this judgment as a lesson and a just consequence, aimed at deterring similar fraudulent activities in the future. She also pointed out the audacity displayed by the convict and emphasized the necessity of this sentence, given the impunity he had demonstrated, which suggested a potential recurrence of such fraudulent behavior.
This verdict serves as a punitive measure, and also a powerful deterrent to potential offenders. It reinforces the paramount importance of honesty and trustworthiness in all interactions with public services.
Throughout this legal process, NWSC was represented by Ag. Senior Manager Legal Services, Ms. Brownie Ebal, Counsel Bongomin Emmanuel, and Security representative-Elly Muhumuza.
The sentencing of the fraudster sends a clear message that falsified practices will not be tolerated, especially when they undermine the trust and credibility of essential public services like NWSC.

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