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Exploring industry-to-industry engagement: NWSC SSD team visit Kansai Plascon Uganda

Environmental Protection.

Both NWSC and Kansai Plascon share a common goal of ensuring environmental protection. NWSC is concerned about receiving harmful discharge from its clients, which could negatively impact its treatment processes and, subsequently, Lake Victoria’s ecosystem. The visit emphasized the commitment of NWSC to assist Kansai Plascon in improving wastewater management and adopting cleaner production techniques to protect the environment.

Technical Assistance

NWSC expressed its willingness to provide technical assistance to Kansai Plascon. This support includes suggesting improvements in wastewater management practices. This collaborative approach not only benefits the environment but can also result in cost savings for Kansai Plascon.

Understanding Client Operations

The visit involved a tour of Kansai Plascon’s production process, allowing NWSC representatives to gain insights into the client’s operations. This understanding is crucial for identifying potential areas of concern or improvement related to wastewater generation and treatment.

Effluent Treatment Process

NWSC learned about Kansai Plascon’s effluent treatment process, which involves coagulation/precipitation with pH correction using caustic soda and the use of aluminum sulfate to separate solids from liquids. The treated effluent is then discharged into NWSC sewers for further treatment.

Reduced Production at 2nd Street

It was noted that Kansai Plascon has shifted much of its paint production to the Namanve Industrial Park, resulting in reduced wastewater generation at the 2nd Street site. Understanding such operational changes is essential for effective management.

Collaboration and Partnerships

The visit aimed to foster dialogue, collaboration, and lasting partnerships between NWSC and Kansai Plascon. Building strong relationships with industrial clients can lead to more effective wastewater management and environmental protection efforts.

In summary, the industry-to-industry inspection at Kansai Plascon Uganda demonstrates NWSC’s dedication to customer and stakeholder engagement, environmental protection, and collaborative efforts to improve wastewater management. It sets a positive example of how utilities can work closely with industrial clients to achieve shared sustainability goals.

In attendance from the NWSC-SSD were the Senior Manger Sewerage Services, Principal Quality Control Officer, Principal Sewer Networks Engineer, Principal Finance and Administration Officer, Sanitation Engineer, Occupational Health and Safety Officer, Quality Control Officer, and an assistant Accounts Officer.

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