No man is approaching us for marriage proposal - nurses cry out - Daily Post Uganda

No man is approaching us for marriage proposal – nurses cry out


The nurses in Ghana have complained of growing old without marriage which is worrying – According to the nurses, they are not getting any younger and are desperately looking forward to getting married Some Ghanaians nurses are not happy claiming that they are not getting marriage proposals.

According to them, they are growing every day without being proposed to. gathered this in a report trending online. The nurses were reported to have said that they wondered what was wrong about them that they never get marriage proposals.

They cried that age was catching up with them and they desperately wanted to get married. “We are getting old by the day and no man is approaching us for a relationship or marriage proposal. We are worried. What is wrong with us that men can’t ask for our hand in marriage?” the nurses reportedly said.

Meanwhile, some female police officers expressed similar sentiments some time ago that they were also not getting marriage proposals. They said Ghanaian men were not bold enough to approach them for relationship and so they were not getting married.

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