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Minister Kahinda Otafiire Rejects Pr. Bujingo’s Shooting saga

Minister of Internal affairs Major General Kahinda Otafiire

KAMPALA: Minister of Internal Affairs has come out and distanced himself from the ongoing Pr. Alloysius Bujingo shooting saga. He is still confused on what to believe about the incident as he says that, the whole story doesn’t connect well and how he survived the 13 bullets is also a myth.

It should be remembered that, the House of Prayer Ministries lead pastor and Salt Media was shot at on Tuesday night (2nd January 2024). His bodyguard a one Muhumuza Richard attached to SFC, an entity that protects the president died on spot.

Now, the Minister of Internal Affairs Hon. Kahinda Otafiire has joined other Ugandans to refuse to accept the circumstances Pr. Alloysius Bujingo and his bodyguard were shot at. The whole events show that everything was planned and it contains many unrealistic events.

For example, there was no any broken glass of the car at the supposed crime scene. There is no any eyewitness to come out and confirm how this happened, remember the shooting happened in Nansana at 9pm.

Pr Bujingo shooting
Pr. Bujingo in Mulago with bullet wounds

And the area is known to be one of those places that are busy all night, but there is no one that heard or saw the shooting, unlike other assassinations that have come happening.

The story gets more unrealistic when they tell us that Pr. Alloysius Bujingo heard the voice telling him to take cover under the steering wheel of his car. He then removed the body of his bodyguard and he hide there but kept his foot on the accelerator, meaning the car kept in motion.

We got more confused when they added that even after that bullet firing spree, Bujingo chased the assailants with the car and they ran away fearing that he would knock them!

More to this is that, Bujingo later drove off and left the crime scene with two bullet wounds, one on the arm and another at the back on his shoulder. He later went to a ‘government’ hospital Mulago for treatment.

Remember, all this is done when he still had the dead body of Muhumuza Richard in the car. And surprisingly, he later that same night left Mulago hospital and went home! something that completely contradicts with the police statement which was released yesterday morning that said that Bujingo was under medical attention by that time.

Pr. Bujingo shooting scene
The reported crime scene where bullets were fired

This whole saga seemed like a Jack Bauer acted movie, and the way events unfolded so swiftly is still a matter of controversy. So this is when Hon. Kahinda Otafiire said that he doesnt believe this whole thing and said that he will wait for the police report first to see how this movie was acted.

I hear the car was shot at with 13 bullets, but the police hasn’t told me about how it happened. We have not seen the vehicle to know how the bullets were fired. There is a lot of drama in this whole thing that is not easily to understand, i need a police report first.” Kahinda Otafiire stated.

I heard that he took himself to Mulago, that he first pretended to have died under the steering wheel when a voice told him to dive under so that he doesnt die” he added.

The Minister refused to add himself in the bandwagon that is telling Ugandans that Pr. Alloysius Bujingo was actually attacked by unknown assailants. Unless a one Ssenkubuge who confirmed that the man of God was shot yet he didn’t see any wound on his body.

Pr. Alloysius Bujingo and the whole team that is handling his issue have a lot of questions to answer. We don’t know why his television (Salt tv) reporters that went to the ‘crime scene’ wanted to make him appear like Spiderman on how they were narrating how he survived death.

Could Bujingo be hiding something from Ugandans? Is he playing a sympathy card? does he really know the person that did this? was it intentional and scripted?

Is it politically motivated? are the assailants cowards to run away from a car chasing them yet they had a gun in possession? who sent the assailants?. A lot of questions but there is no single answer.

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