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American citizen, City lawyer duped billions by fraudsters in fake gold deal

KAMPALA: Security agencies have launched investigations into a fake gold scam where a group of fake gold dealers are accused of conning an American citizen and renowned city Lawyer huge sums of money.
The main suspects named in this fraudulent act are directors of Blessed Riverstones (U) Ltd, a mineral processing company located in areas of Kisasi among others.

According to an insider who proffered anonymity due to sensitivity of the matter, the suspects operate around Kampala, Mubende and Mityana. He explains that the suspects use bottles painted with Gold to lure their victims and con them of huge amounts of money.
Some of the victims are taken to Bukuya and Kasanda sub counties where the fraudsters allegedly run gold mines.

How city lawyer, American were defrauded

Information which reached our news desk indicates that Counsel Nicholas Ecimu of S and L advocates was approached by a one Simon who works as an agent for Blessed Riverstones (U) LTD and convinced him about the Gold deal that allegedly involved Congolese Nationals. Mr Ecimu was lured into trusting him (Simon) with hopes that the deal was going to have a lot of profits. In turn counsel Ecimu also interested his friend an American citizen only identified as Mathew about the would be profitable gold deal.
Simon is a mid aged guy whose role at Blessed Riverstones is to convince “clients ” into fraud traps , thanks to his oratory convincing Skills.
An inside source further revealed that both Counsel Ecimu and Mathew invested huge sums of money amounting to billions with hopes of reaping abnormal returns from the purported deal.
“He went ahead and borrowed money from money lenders to facilitate the deal,” says one of his close friends.
Unfortunately the goods were not delivered instead they kept asking for more money from them until Mr Ecimu lost all his hard earned properties to the scam.
It was also revealed that the scammers (Blessed Riverstones) parades Congolese Nationals as owners of Gold in transit as part of the
scamming plan to build trust amongst its victims.

Blessed Riverstones(U) LTD which is owned by ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;invalid
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Blessed Riverstones is fully registered and certified as a company dealing in minerals something that easily dupes its victims to fall into the trap.

Investigators however say that they have an uphill task to secure a conviction because of lack of cooperation from some of the the victims who are out of the country.

More details to follow…

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