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How Kampala Parents’ School balances curriculum and child development programs

Following the motto ‘We struggle for the future’ the pupils of Kampala Parents’ School continuously endeavors to sow the seeds of success with experienced management and teachers, in conjunction with the parents nurturing the children as they go through the very important early years of their education.

The school many call Uganda’s primary education centre of excellence has a team of dedicated teachers and support staff, who work tirelessly to make it produce pupils with the required learning skills as they climb the education ladder.

Mrs Daphine Kato, the school Principal

The staff is also encouraging and very proud of the quality of the learning environment. “We place learning at the center of our school. We aim to encourage children in their strengths, whilst supporting them to embrace new challenges,” reads part of the school’s brief.

The school’s philosophy is to provide children with the best possible all-round education in a safe caring and loving environment; teachers aim at creating a culture where thinking and learning flourish. In their work they hope to lay good foundations for future learning so that the children can become full and active members of society.

Child Development and Early education programs

While speaking to the school principal, she stated that  children’s education and care is a priority and that choosing the right program is a big decision.

”We also understand the many needs of working parents. Our back-up care, before- and after-school programs enable parents to go to work knowing their children are happy, safe, and well cared for”. Mrs Kato

Day care Children relaxing in the school compound

Children’s growth

As children grow, Kampala Parents’ School emphasizes three important domains: ‘Affective’ which deals with spiritual emotions. The affective domain includes student motivation attitudes, perceptions and values.

‘Cognitive’, which is to do with mental process including how people think, perceive, remember and learn.

The ‘Psycho-social stage’ is about developing muscles through physical skills such as movement, coordination and manipulation.

Ongoing lesson in the computer lab

In order for the above-mentioned domains to be realized, the ‘triangular working relationship’ of teacher, parent and children, has to be the centre of focus. Furthermore, in building an all-round child, compassion and love, integrity, cleanliness and above all discipline is important. Indeed, the school believes that discipline is the key to success. And teachers train the children to observe all pillars of growth.

Physical activities

Physical activities and Cardio-respiratory fitness are good for children and young people’s brain development, and function as well as their intellect. Numerous studies continue to highlight the importance of physical activities towards the development of the brain especially for young children.

Children attending a PE exercise

As such, Kampala Parents’ School believes that children who take part in sports are less stressed than those kids who do not take part in any physical activity. Participation in sports has many other benefits like increased cardiovascular fitness, a healthy growth in their tendons, bones, ligaments and muscles. They will develop better balance and coordination and get good sleep.

Children in ballet dance class.

The school offers a complete curriculum where games and sports play an important part, and each class timetable has periods for physical education and games. The school sports complex has facilities to ensure that a variety of games are played, some including competition. These include football. Volleyball, basketball, netball, swimming and athletics among others.

A football game in progress at KPS

Participation in sports at an early age works to develop the children’s physique, cognitive skills, social relationships thus identifying and tapping into the different talents they may possess.

Feeding the children – school lunch

A healthy diet and regular physical activity can stabilize energy, sharpen the mind and improve mood allowing children to maximize their potential both inside and outside of school.
Kampala Parents School is at the forefront of efforts to improve childhood nutrition, with the school providing meals for the kids as an important step to achieve that goal.

Lunch time in the school dining

Lunch offered at the school promotes the health of all children, this includes posho, Rice, Potatoes and Matooke served with meat, chicken, peas, G.nuts and beans, a diet rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Pupils are allowed to pack their own lunch if they can but the school advises that the food is packed properly so that it doesn’t go bad.


Leadership provides children with an opportunity to try new things like providing service to others, building self-confidence and reinforcing ethical standards. These opportunities not only help them when they are young but also carry on into their adult lives, improving their relationships, their work lives, their family lives, and the values by which they live.

Some of the school prefects at KPS

At Kampala Parents’ School, teachers encourage children to enjoy and respect the outdoor activities with adventure. Some are hall-based and create motivation and benefit the pupils later in life.

Additionally, pupils develop interpersonal skills such as conflict resolution, assertiveness and listening to peers. These important life skills empower children to become engaged citizens, skilled professionals, and honorable leaders in society.

School Scouts on parade

Day Care Programme

The kids’ ability to learn greatly depends on their emotional state. The school emphasizes relationship and wellbeing of staff and children for a happy learning environment.
The school balances indoor and outdoor activities that include cognitive learning as well as physical exertion. With a playground, children can break sedentary exhaustion through the simple movements of standing up, moving their fingers and toes, shaking their heads and stretching their limbs.

The school helps children refine motor skills through using lacing cards, stencils and writing activities to strengthen coordination through running, jumping and throwing activities. It also delivers creative writing that pushes children to explore and fully develop ideas.

It also allows comprehension, text organization and sentence structures to be taught in an exciting and meaningful way.
“When kids know that their parents and teachers love and support them no matter what, they are more likely to take healthy risks. They are confident and secure in their decisions,” a teacher at the school says.

The teachers

Kampala Parents’ School has assembled professional and multi-disciplined teachers to serve and educate the children in the best possible ways. Indeed, all the teachers are qualified and meet the set high standards of the school.

The teachers are well facilitated to share their knowledge and skills, providing students with many positive experiences that will help them to become well-grounded individuals who are ready for the world.

The school management believes that teachers are the most responsible and important members of society because their professional efforts impact on the pupils future. Teachers play an important role in the trajectory of learners throughout the formal schooling experience.

Teachers at Kampala Parents’ School have the unique opportunity to support pupils’ academic and social development at all levels of schooling and this enables pupils to feel safe and secure in their learning environments and provide scaffolding for important social and academic skills

The quality of teachers at this school has positioned it as Uganda’s primary education centre of excellence, rivaled by no other.

School fees

Unlike other schools, when a parent pays the required school fees at Kampala Parents’ School, it caters for meals, scholastic materials and many extra curriculum activities, something which reduces pressure on parents.

Meanwhile, interviews and admisions for academic year 2018 is in progress.

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