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DFCU Bank Fails to get new MD as Juma Kisaame Quits

KAMPALA: DFCU Group has been thrown in panic after failing to find a suitable replacement for the outgoing Managing director Mr. Juma Kisaame.

Our reliable sources told us last night that the top level management has been in meetings after meetings for the last couple of weeks trying to see they close ‘the gap’ in order not to create vacuum since Kisaame’s contact expires this December and yet he already showed signs of not asking for renewal.

“It’s very evident that Juma will not seek for renewal, I’m telling you we have failed to get a suitable person to take over, because people are not willing to work for us because of what the bank is going through for now,” a source quoted a senior staff at the bank.

The source added that at the moment, the bank was no longer exchanging big forex dues to low liquidity.

The Bank’s liquidity has lowered in the bank of Uganda which has forced it to run to other banks for borrowing.

“Most of our top managers who resigned have targeted our big clients and have diverted most of them from DFCU to KCB, NC bank and Tropical bank” he noted.

According to last crisis meeting held at the head office, the management said it was going to increase all salaries for workers to prevent them from being snatched by other banks.

However, the remaining few employees say one month down the road, they have not received their salary increment.

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