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BUSTED: Don Zella risks being deported from United States over Counterfeit dollar scam

A sum of 60,000 USD counterfeit money has been recovered from the suspect and it has since been exhibited

KAMPALA: Renown City Socialite Don Zela, real name Sheila Nadege risks being deported from the United States following Police report linking her to fake dollars that were allegedly stolen from a room she was renting at Speke Apartments on Wampewo Avenue.

Don Zella who apparently lives in United States, California on a green card status pending naturalization is surviving on the mercy of state support scheme provided to her children whom she sired with the retired American army officer.

The deportation likelihood follows a letter written by Speke Apartments to the United States Embassy in Kampala notifying it about the proliferation of counterfeit US currency by Don Zella and her racket.

In letter received by the American Embassy and written by the Ruparelia Group head of security Ahmed Bongo, informed the embassy of a recent matter reported at Jinja road police station where Don Zella had complained to a break in to a hotel apartments at Speke Apartments where she allegedly lost up to USD 90,000.

“As you will see on your own investigations, she did not seem eager to follow up with police on this matter and never asked on the state of the said American currency”

He adds “As CCTV footage exits and can be availed pointing to likely connivance between the said Nadege Sheilla and the principal suspect in the CCTV footage, police effected an arrest of the principle suspect in the CCTV footage”.

Bongo explains that on arrest , the suspect was found with up to USD 80000 in counterfeit American currency and European Union currencies

“The exhibits are still at Jinja road police and Sheilla Nadege is still at large with indications that she is likely to leave the country soon. It appears evident that there is an international racket inclusive of the arrested suspect and the said Don Zella dealing in counterfeit USD and EU currencies”

Ruparelia Group wants the American Embassy to interest itself in the prospect of the international racket dealing in counterfeit currencies and thus pursue the matter to its logical conclusion.

The European Union and the financial intelligence authority have also been notified.

This follows after Jinja Road police arrested a one Adome Jeremy, 36, for allegedly stealing 80,000 USD from the Room 107 at Speke Apartments.

The money allegedly stolen belonged to Don Zella who had booked the apartment for 30 days on the December 5th, 2020.

According to CCTV footage recovered from the apartment on December 24th 2020 , the suspect , who is the same time a resident in the building , is seen accessing room 107 with another person yet to be arrested.

They are later seen leaving with items. The suspect later fled to his home in Arua.

The police used all relevant information available and was able to trace him to his home.

A sum of 60,000 USD counterfeit money has been recovered from the suspect and it has since been exhibited.

He has, however, insisted that the exhibited money is what he stole from the room

Don Zella’s Benefactor;

The retired US army officer met with Don Zella years back while on a state duty in the United Emirates, the latter was a sex worker in one the famous night clubs  in Dubai. Their relationship blossomed  and the  two were blessed  with two beautiful children, thus moving the family to the United States.

The old man went ahead to adopt the third child (boy) that Don Zella produced outside their relationship. The real biological father of the said boy is Ugandan struggling musician Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye.

According to sources from the US the old man is battling dementia, something that has helped Don Zella to enjoy his retirement benefits under guise of looking after the children. These includes free housing, health insurance among others. Otherwise Ms Nadege has no any known Job apart from parading her naked body on social media.

Dementia is a chronic or persistent disorder of the mental processes caused by brain disease or injury and marked by memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning.

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