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Bushenyi District celebrates completion of WARUGO water project

BUSHENYI: The Bushenyi District leadership, spearheaded by the district chairman, Hajj Jafari Basajabalaba, recently carried out a comprehensive evaluation of the Bushenyi Water Supply augmentation project, fondly dubbed the Warugo Project, alongside National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) Managing Director, Dr. Eng. Silver Mugisha.

During the inspection tour, which included visits to the raw water in-take, treatment plant, and reservoir tank, the team witnessed the nearing completion of the project with the final tests underway. The contractor is poised to deliver the project on schedule, setting the tone for a significant milestone for the region’s water infrastructure.

Accompanying Dr. Eng. Silver Mugisha and the district leadership were various key figures, including the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) of Bushenyi, Mr. Robert Atuheirwe, LC5 Chairman Hajj Jafari Basajabalaba, and Mayor Richard Byaruhanga of Bushenyi-Ishaka Municipality, along with other esteemed council members and opinion leaders from across the district.

Following the field assessment, a meeting was convened at the treatment plant, where notable speakers shared insights and gratitude for the project’s progress and impact.

In his remarks, Dr. Eng. Silver Mugisha extended appreciation to the Bushenyi District Council and Chairman Basajabalaba for their unwavering support from project inception. He acknowledged the significant role of landowners who facilitated the project by offering land for installations at reasonable costs, emphasizing the importance of budgetary allocations for water extension to underserved areas. He further highlighted NWSC’s commitment to utilizing profits for further infrastructure development and urged collaboration in combating illegal water usage and environmental degradation.

RDC Bushenyi echoed sentiments of gratitude, highlighting the project’s contribution to fulfilling governmental mandates and advocating for a politics of development over divisiveness. He emphasized the project’s potential to alleviate the burden on women and girls, who predominantly fetch water, and hinted on the nexus between clean water access and public health.

Similarly, the District Chairman commended NWSC for extending water services to rural communities and emphasized the district’s readiness to collaborate further in safeguarding water sources.

Mayor of Bushenyi-Ishaka Municipality expressed gratitude to governmental support and renewed terms for Dr. Eng. Silver Mugisha’s leadership, underscoring NWSC’s remarkable progress in expanding water coverage. He urged continued efforts to reach remaining areas within the municipality.

The project manager highlighted NWSC’s commitment to completing the project within the stipulated timeframe and budget, reaffirming ongoing support for local schools and communities.

Area Manager NWSC Bushenyi outlined the project’s progress, emphasizing efforts to expand the pipeline network and address water demand discrepancies. He stressed the importance of timely bill payments to sustain infrastructure development.

The local community, represented by the LC1 Chairman of Nyakabingo, expressed gratitude for governmental recognition and community engagement, advocating for continued support for local schools and nearby residents.

As the Warugo Water Project nears completion, NWSC plans to organize an official commissioning ceremony to mark a collective triumph in enhancing water accessibility and promoting community well-being in Bushenyi District.

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