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President’s office applauds NWSC’s exemplary stewardship at Katosi DWTP

KATOSI: Following the launch of the mid-term review of the 2021-2026 manifesto on March 5, 2024, at the office of the President, today Dr. David Sengendo and Mr. Alex Ssebagala stationed at Katosi DWTP to commence their mission. Their mandate is to track, report and publicize the performance, progress and any challenges in implementing the manifesto commitments, strategic guidelines and directives across various ministries, departments, agencies and local governments.

Welcomed by the plant manager, Mr. Joseph Tweheyo, they were led on an inspection tour around the plant. Throughout the tour, they took meticulous notes and engaged in insightful dialogue, facilitated by the staff who provided comprehensive answers to their questions.

Mr. Ssebagala and Dr. Sengendo were captivated by the remarkable technological advancements driving the water treatment processes. They admired the immaculate upkeep of the plant’s facilities and were especially impressed by the rigorous safety protocols observed, notably the meticulous donning of protective gear by personnel working in sensitive areas such as the chemical room.

Expressing heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional work witnessed at the site, Dr. Sengendo commended the strong spirit of teamwork and dedication displayed by the staff. He emphasized them to maintain the positive work ethic and encouraged them to continue their outstanding efforts, assuring them that with such a positive attitude, they would undoubtedly achieve excellence.

Since its inception in 2021, the Katosi DWTP has significantly improved water supply in previously underserved areas such as Kyaliwajjala, Ntinda, Mukono, Seeta and various other parts of Greater Kampala. Over the past two and a half years, NWSC-KW’s management, supported by dedicated and hardworking teams, has diligently maintained the plant’s facilities and consistently delivered high quality services to the community.

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