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Victoria University to build teachers’ capacity in new program

Victoria University has introduced a community program for teachers aimed at building their capacity to interact better with the society in which they live, offer guidance and counseling, community remote learning and parental guidance.

As coronavirus pandemic greatly affects teachers coupled with contemptible pay leading them to recurrently stumble in a vicious circle of poverty, secondary school teachers in Kampala now have a reason to smile courtesy of Victoria University in Kampala.

The program dubbed ‘Diversify your skill’ will have teachers liaise with Victoria University, enroll for the program, obtain training then proceed to fend for themselves.

According to Mr Bill Nkeeto, the acting Vice Chancellor Victoria University, the exercise is expected to generate a lot of market information about survival mechanisms of communities, interests and learning goals of University students.

“Today we had an interaction with teachers from Kampala and nearby communities and the reason we invited them is that we realized that there is a gap in the light of the services they offer. They are in the way incapacitated, so as Victoria University that engages so much with the community trying solve people’s problems we felt a need for them to come we tell them about us, we see how we can work together in a number of ways,” he explained.

Nkeeto added that their trade is education and that implies it is complimented by career guidance.

“We wish them to go out there in the communities, offer career guidance, talk about Victoria University and it’s a reason we are offering this training. This will further build Victoria University’s mission of ensuring transformational education and the data will contribute to the development of market ready graduates based on informed point of view.”

Nkeeto also explained that if there is anyone who is interested in joining Victoria University, courtesy requires that they refer the person and any person they refer they get a significant portion of commission to keep them going.

“Every student referred and joins Victoria University; the recommender will earn a commission of shs 200,000 and 150,000 for bachelor’s degree and diploma programs respectively. This is a way of giving a hand and to ensure that we reach out to the communities so that they can pick interest in what we offer and they join Victoria University and pursue their dreams”.

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