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Ugandan security guard dies in Qatar while on duty

Neelam Badoni, General Manager Premier recruitment rr

DOHA: Philip Kule, a Ugandan security guard who has been working in Doha, Qatar died while on duty early this month, Dailypost has learnt.

Kule travelled to Qatar on June 9th this year and started employment on June 24 as a security guard.
He reportedly collapsed while on duty and was immediately rushed to the hospital by the medical team but later died on August 5.
According to a statement issued the Premier recruitment agency which deployed him, Kule succumbed to acute heart failure which was confirmed by Dr Muhammed HAL-Thani from Public Health Department in his autopsy report.
Speaking to the media at their offices in Kampala on Wednesday, Ms Neelam Badoni, the General Manager Premier Recruitment agency said they managed to get the body back within 10 days.
“We received the news of Mr Kule’s death from compass catering services on August 6 and we have worked jointly with the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development to ensure that the body is brought back to his family, so that they can carry out their family and cultural rituals and accord him a decent burial,” Ms Badoni said.
“This if the first time we are experiencing such an incident and we are doing our best to make sure that the family of the deceased get full support from us because he was their bread winner,”she said.
Ms Badoni, however, insists that the deceased was in good health when he travelled because one of the requirements set by the government for labour export companies is conducting of thorough medical checks before sending deploying a person to work abroad.
“Candidates have to go through several medical tests in order to allowed to proceed with the deployment process. Medical condition must be fulfilled before they start paper work,” she said.
“When we deploy a certain candidate in any country we do monitor them to see how they are coping in the new environment because it’s not easy to adapt quickly. We usually guide them on how they can manage,” she added.
Ms Badoni further explained that the monitoring units were set up following reports that a number of people they sent to Saudi Arabia and Qatar were facing several challenges, ranging from welfare.
Government through ministries of Internal Affairs and Gender, recently suspended eight external labour recruitment agencies, citing forgeries and other abuses such as trafficking and extortion.

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