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Trio sentenced for tampering with NWSC works

KAMPALA: In a recent ruling by the Buganda Court on February 15, 2024, three individuals faced the consequences of their actions as they were sentenced on 18 counts, including tampering with works. Bukenya Ibra, Wamayi Andrew, and Bassaja Mivule stood before Her Worship Nambozo Sanula, admitting guilt to all charges brought against them.

The chain of events leading to this sentencing began on February 4, 2024, when the Defense Secretary of Nabukaru zone intercepted a suspect named Mubiru in possession of a water meter. This interception sparked a thorough investigation, ultimately resulting in the recovery of additional stolen meters from the trio: Bukenya Ibra, Wamayi Andrew, and Bassaja Mivule. Following their apprehension, they were charged at Bwaise police station before being transferred to Jinja Road police station.

During the court proceedings, the accused individuals did not contest their culpability. State prosecutor Martin Nambafa emphasized the need for a stern sentence, highlighting the losses and damages incurred by the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC). The court, concurring with the prosecution’s stance, handed down its judgment.

Bukenya Ibra, at the age of 18, received a sentence of 18 months, which he will serve in Luzira prison. Wamayi Andrew, aged 17, was also sentenced to 18 months behind bars, while 14-year-old Bassaja Mivule Simon was handed a 3-month sentence. Notably, the juvenile offenders, Wamayi Andrew and Bassaja Mivule Simon, will serve their time in Kampirigisa prison.

Present at the sentencing were Legal Officer Bongomin Emmanuel, and Security Officer Elly Muhumuza, representing Kampala Water.

This ruling sends a resolute message to potential offenders, that there will be consequences awaiting those who engage in illicit actions that undermine essential public services.

Note: Juvenile identities are deliberately withheld to uphold their privacy, particularly in sensitive legal matters.

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