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Ray of hope for Lyantonde town as NWSC water supply project takes shape

LYANTONDE: Water challenges will soon be history for thousands of residents in the districts of Lyantonde and Kalungu once two water supply projects currently being undertaken by the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) have been completed.

NWSC’s Deputy Managing Director in charge of Technical Services, Eng Johnson Amayo, has assured the people of Lyantonde and surrounding areas that in a space of about 12 months, challenges such as supply shortages, hardness, high treatment costs and foul water smell, will all be things of the past, since the five million litre/day capacity water treatment plant project located in the heart of Lake Mburo National Park, on the shores of Lake Kachera at the Rukukuru landing site will be complete.

The new water treatment is expected to serve the Nshaara Industrial Park, which is currently under construction, Lyantonde Town, and the surrounding areas of Rushere, Sanga and Lake Mburo Hotels.

During their tour of the ongoing construction works, Eng Amayo, Eng Edmond Okaronon, the Director of Regional Operations, as well as other NWSC officials, were satisfied with the progress of the project. It was on the basis of this progress that they assured locals that their water challenges will soon be history.

The contractor told the NWSC bosses that the progress of project works was currently at 30 per cent of what needs to be done. Aerators, flocculators and coagulators have already been cast while the reinforcement works for the clarifier are nearing completion. The superstructures for the staff house, laboratory, and store have already been roofed, while more than 60 per cent of the treated water and distribution pipelines has already been delivered to the site. In a nutshell, the site is fully mobilized and the contractor is on ground and undertaking works as agreed upon.

Saluting the contractor for the progress registered so far, Eng Amayo urged the firm undertaking works to make every effort to meet the set deadline. He was happy with the quality of the concrete works and implored the contractor to keep up the good work. The Deputy Managing Director urged them to take advantage of the coming dry season to start on the intake structure, bearing in mind its complexity. He further informed the contractor that he would offer his assistance to secure wayleave clearance so that the pipe laying works can commence. As part of the tour, the team shared with and guided the Contractor on a number of contractual issues.

Amayo and his team also toured works on Lusango-Kalungu Project which, once completed, will extend clean and safe water to residents of the town that has never had a piped water system. Following NWSC’s takeover of Kalungu’s water component, a new piped water supply project is ongoing and is being executed in two phases. Phase One, which was technically commissioned early this year, entailed development of two new boreholes, laying of 3.6km transmission mains, construction of a 100m3 reservoir, and a 30km distribution network.

During the tour, the Deputy Managing Director for Technical Services noted that works were substantially complete and undergoing testing, with the major work remaining involving the supply and installation of the new pumps.

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