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Ofwono Opondo, police officers clash over Shs90b BoU saga


KAMPALA: All is not well between the police and government mouthpiece, Ofwono Opondo over the on-going Bank of Uganda (BoU) Shs90 billion saga where officials are said to have taken the loot home they printed in Germany without about two months ago authorisation from the Governor Prof. Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile.

Opondo has dismissed as “lies” all statements by police regarding the on-going money- printing investigations at BoU.

On Monday, police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said they had raided homes of six senior bank officials and recovered documents which suggested the printing of unauthorised excess currency notes.

However, on Tuesday, Mr Opondo questioned the account of the police and instead accused police of telling lies.

Mr Enanga on Monday said that BoU officials were under investigations by police and State House’s Anti-Corruption Unit headed by Lt Col.Edith Nakalema.

“The searches were done in the homes of the officials and a number of documents were recovered. With time, we shall get how much was involved, how much [money] has been recovered, what was genuine [currency], [and] what was unofficial, but genuine money,”Enanga said.

Mr Enanga’s account of events have provoked Opondo who on Tuesday told journalists at the government-owned Uganda Media Center, which he heads, that the government is investigating “extra goods” that were found on the plane.

Mr Opondo accused Mr Enanga of telling lies adding that government had instructed the Inspector General of Police, Mr Martins Okoth Ochola to recall a statement that was issued by Enanga, “since it’s “misleading.”

“The government is only aware about investigation of extra consignment including solar machines, batteries, among others which was shipped into the country, but we are not aware about extra money which was printed. Police should correct that record, it is a mistake,”Opondo said.

Mr Opondo sounded a warning that any government agency that misinforms the public would be brought to order.

“We ask @PoliceUg to clarify on their statement about @BOU_Official in accordance to existing investigations. We believe the Police made a mistake while addressing the media,”Opondo later tweeted.

He said that no arrests have been made adding that it’s just investigations of about six to eight BoU officials in procurement, currency and legal departments for failing to do due diligence.

He said other officials being investigated are attached to the Customs Department at Entebbe Airport.

However, reliable police sources have accused Mr Opondo of trying to cover-up the currency scandal at BoU and advised him to “stop interfering” with police investigations.

Earlier reports indicated that six BoU officials were arrested on Wednesday on the orders of President Yoweri Museveni after BoU governor, Mr Tumusiime Mutebile reported illegal printing of extra cash and abuse of a private chartered plane hired to deliver confidential government cargo from France.

Police and State House Anti-corruption Unit are currently investigation reports that BoU officials printed extra cash without the knowledge of the BoU governor and used the BoU chartered plane to carry extra cargo belonging to 13 private businessmen, companies and international organizations.



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