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NWSC Water Quality Control Technicians Undergo Maiden Workers PAS Assessment Exercise

KAMPALA: The National Water and Sewerage Corporation’s dedication to providing clean and safe water to its customers is second to none which is why the workforce tasked with ensuring that the water quality served conforms to the highest standards must be top notch in their field of expertise.

It is therefore no wonder that the Water Quality Control personnel from all NWSC areas of operation were put to the test to prove their competencies in areas of Laboratory Management, Water Quality Monitoring, and Water Treatment in a Workers’ Practically Acquired Skills Assessment took place at the Central Laboratory at Bugolobi, the Lubigi sewerage facility, and in Mbarara.

The Senior Manager Training and Capacity Development, Ms. Joyce Bakiire the Training and Capacity Development Snr Manager, presided over the first ever DIT assessment Workers’ PAS for Water Quality control technician, and was more than pleased to do so stating that, “this is a step towards the right direction in broadening the capacity development sphere in NWSC”. Ms. Bakiire urged the participants to take these assessments positively and see them as a “shot it the arm” in advancing their career competencies.

The workers’ PAS assessment in more ways than one is very beneficial to NWSC technicians based on the fact that it; Provides qualifications to NWSC informally skilled technicians with great experience, helps NWSC assess levels of skills with formally trained technicians, provides insights in technicians’ capacities: i.e whether they can work with or without supervision, reveals skills gaps that require further focus training, motivation to our technicians and shop floor staff. With the vision to be a leading customer service-oriented utility in the world, NWSC is committed to clean and safe Water and Sanitation for all.

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