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NWSC to boost water supply in Kyankwanzi, Bushenyi, Kalungu, Gulu and Isingiro districts

NWSC Managing Director Eng. Silver Mugisha (PHOTO /Courtesy)

As part of its continuous mandate, National Water and Sewerage Corporation continues to implement a wide range of Water and sanitation (WATSAN) infrastructure development projects within its 263 towns of operation across the country.

The company recently secured market financing towards implementation of a number of WATSAN flagship projects.

The corporation is also implementing major projects funded by the Government of Uganda with financial support from development partners.

The project implementation is to ensure provision of safe water for human consumption and water for economic development focused on eradicating poverty.

This is also in line with the government efforts deliberately aimed at fostering progress towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

With the stewardship of the Minister of State for Water and Environment Hon. Aisha Sekindi and in witness of several district leaders from the beneficiary towns and representatives of development partners, contractors and consultants, today NWSC flags off project works with the signing of construction works contracts for the following projects.

  1. Kyankwanzi Water Supply Project funded by NWSC through Market Financing
  2. Bushenyi Water Supplying Augementation project funded by NWSC through Market Financing. 
  3. Kalungu Water Supply Project Funded by NWSC through Market Financing.
  4. Karuma- Gulu water transmission main construction project funded by G.O.U with credit facility from the World Bank
  5. Kagera Water Supply System Construction project funded by G.O.U with credit facility from the French Development Agency

Speaking at the Signing ceremony, the Minister of State for Water, Hon Aisha Sekindi said that the projects are timely, and will help improve acesss to safe water in the 5 districts, especially those under the cattle corridor.

She underscored the GOU’s commitment towards improved water and sanitation infrastructure across Uganda in line with NDPIII

Hon Sekindi commended NWSC for their commitment towards water for everyone acrosss the country and encouraged them to equally serve rural areas in the 5 districts.

She urged water users to pay bills on time which subsequently helps NWSC to extend its services to more Ugandans.

“In other areas people pay between Ushs 1000- 2000. The Ministry of Water and Environment in partnership with NWSC and other development partners are working to ensure the provision of affordable clean and safe water to all Ugandans.” She added.

The NWSC Board Chair Eng. Dr. Badru. M. Kiggundu shared that the ceremony was a milestone in line with the GOU’s mandate, to improve the water and sanitation infrastructure, as one of the major contributors to sustainable well being of the people of Uganda.

He thanked the GoU, Parliament of Uganda, Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development and other Development Partners who successfully secured financing for the projects.

He tasked the contractor to complete the project within time and cost.

NWSC Managing Director Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha said that NWSC is innovating vast engineering solutions to improve lives of the people of Uganda through the provision of clean safe water, and added that all the above projects were internally designed by NWSC engineers.

According to Eng Mugisha, water and environment protection are tandem as such the utility has rolled out environmental protection initiatives aimed at conserving the environment.

“NWSC is focused on institutional sustainability while looking at the overall business growth.
Subsequently, the utility has set a target to achieve the following by 2025.
•Increase assets from 3.9trillion to 6 trillion.
• Increase Connections from 900,000 to 1.2million connections
•Serve over 25million Ugandans up from the current 18million people being served now.
• Improve customer satisfaction from the current 86% to 90%
• Improve Staff Satisfaction index from 78% to 90% among others

Eng Mugisha added that the projects will be implemented under strong fundamentals that include, project cost control-within cost and time, initiatives to protect the environment and innovative project funding initiatives.

He appreciated the support from Ministries; Water and Environment, Finance, Planning and Economic, Uganda Development Bank among others.

Speaking on behalf of other contractors, Sogea Satom Country Director Jean- Luc Sion highlighted the recent project progress in Uganda i.e the recently completed Katosi Water works, Upgrade of Ggaba water works and committed to deliver the Kagera Water Supply System on time and within cost.

District Leaders Speak out

Kyankwanzi LC 5 chairman Dr. Mpuuga John appreciated the Government of Uganda through NWSC for setting aside resources to serve the people of Kyankwanzi.

“Kyankwanzi is not only the National Leadership Institute (NALI) and the military bases that we know of. We have 400,000 in the area, who often experience drought and no water situations affecting both human lives and animals.” he said

Clean safe water will help help reduce the water borne related diseases, HIV infections, as the girl child walks hundreds of miles in search of water for human life, cattle and irrigation.” he said

Bushenyi LC 5 Chairperson Jafar Basajjabala urged the people of Uganda to protect the environment jealously and requested Government to fund Environment protection initiatives.

He appreciated NWSC for the water and sanitation transformational landmarks in Bushenyi district and the surrounding areas.

Gulu City Mayor Ogwang Alfred appreciated the Gulu Water Supply Project, which according to him, is timely and will improve the livelihoods in the new city.

“Water supply during the rainy season was not enough and worse during the dry season. We are forever indebted to the GoU for coming to our rescue.” he said

He urged NWSC to develop more water and sanitation infrastructure for the city and other areas in Gulu.

Kalungu district LC.5 chairman Ahmed Nyombi Mukiibi appreciated GoU through NWSC for implementing the Kalungu Water Supply System.

“People here were sharing water with animals. We also lost many animals during the dry season. With the pending intervention, our people and animals will greatly benefit from the project.” he said

The project will not only benefit Kalungu, the neighbouring districts will also be served.

Bukanga South MP, Isingiro district, Hon Stephen Kangwagye Rwakanuma appreciated the GoU through NWSC for putting aside finances to implement the project.

“My people have suffered for a long time without water. Witnessing the signing ceremony is a ray of hope for our people.” he said

Bukianga North MP, Isingiro district Nathan Byanyima expressed his joy. For the first time in 62 years of his life, he is witnessing the signing of a massive water project for his area.

He appreciated the visionary leadership of the President of Uganda.

He applauded NWSC for the good leadership and clear accountability structures at the utility.

Isingiro West MP, Reuben Arinaitwe expressed his excitement at the signing ceremony of the Isingiro water supply project.

“My people are at the border of Tanzania and Rwanda. I always felt bad seeing our neighbours with adequate water for irrigation and house hold use. I’m happy that my people are now going to get their own project.” he said

He urged the people of Isingiro to protect the environment jealously for the sustainability of the project.

Insingiro woman MP Claire Mugumya said that reliable water supply in Isingiro District has been a dream and myth.

She called on NWSC to sensitize the people of Isingiro about the project, and dilute the ongoing negative propaganda from uniformed people.

She tasked the contractor to chun out good quality work.

Isingiro South MP, Alex Bakunda Byarugaba shared that Isingiro is one of the most water stressed districts in Uganda.

“When i was young, we walked over 8kms to collect water from River Kagera. I’m happy to note that upon project completion, our people will spend more time on developmental initiatives.

He urged the the contractor Sogea Satom to employ the local residents in Isingiro.

He appreciated Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha’s passion for service delivery.



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