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NWSC to boost sanitation standards as staff graduate from the Netherlands

KAMPALA: In a step towards overcoming sanitation challenges, the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) celebrated the graduation of its second cohort of staff members who completed a rigorous one-year Master’s course in Sanitation at the esteemed Institute of Water Education (IHE) in the Netherlands. The virtual session held at IREC not only marked the culmination of their academic journey but also showcased groundbreaking research findings that promise to reshape the landscape of sanitation management.

Note that, NWSC’s collaboration with the Melinda & Bill Gates Foundation and IHE Netherlands has emerged as a beacon of progress in the field of sanitation. Originating with the selection of 10 NWSC-sponsored staff members, this initiative witnessed the triumphant graduation of the first cohort in 2022. Following suit, the second cohort embarked on their studies in October 2022 and proudly graduated in October 2023, ushering in a new era of expertise within the organization.

The research findings unveiled during the virtual session illuminated critical issues surrounding sanitation, with a primary emphasis on the insufficient planning of appropriate facilities, particularly faecal sludge facilities, in various communities. Challenges spanned from inadequate water supply hindering sanitation efforts in slum areas to the absence of climate-resilient facilities due to poverty and shortcomings in stakeholder engagement.

A significant revelation from the studies was the identification of Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) gaps in sewage treatment and faecal sludge transport, reception, and treatment, particularly at the Lubigi Co-Treatment facility. These findings underscore the urgency of addressing these gaps for an overall enhancement of sanitation facilities.

Mrs. Joyce Bakiire, the Ag. SDBSS/SMTCD, expressed heartfelt gratitude towards NWSC Management and the Board for their unwavering support in enabling staff to undertake these crucial training programs through strategic partnerships and collaborations with institutions like IHE Delft. She underscored the collaborative efforts with the TCD Team and stressed the vital importance of applying the acquired knowledge to elevate NWSC operations.

Mrs. Bakiire passionately conveyed the responsibility bestowed upon the graduates to leverage their newfound skills for a tangible impact on NWSC’s operations. Encouraging them to be catalysts for change and innovation, she emphasized the significance of working with passion to effect meaningful change in our ever-evolving world. Her call for the graduates to share their knowledge with colleagues and aspire to managerial advancement resonates with the overarching goal of creating a lasting positive impact on sanitation management in peri-urban areas.

As NWSC continues to fortify the skills of its staff, the recent graduates are now poised to make significant contributions to the enhancement of sanitation facilities, thereby promoting public health in their respective communities.

Noteworthy members of the second cohort include Mrs. Erina Akampurira, Mr. Charles Mushabe, Ms. Kyarikunda Edinnah, Eng. Raymond Ogura, Mr. Gutti Norbert Korobe, and Ms. Rehema Nannozi Becky.

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