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NWSC Takes Stringent Measures to Recover Unpaid Water Bills

KISORO: In a bid to address mounting unpaid water bills, the Kisoro branch of the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has launched an extensive campaign to disconnect customers with overdue payments exceeding one month. The move comes as NWSC’s accumulated unpaid water bills reach a staggering 500 million Ugandan Shillings.

Area Manager Ariho Peter revealed that out of the approximately 4,954 customers served by the Kisoro branch on a daily basis, only 1,470 accounts consistently settle their bills promptly. However, an alarming 3,484 accounts, comprising both private and commercial connections, have persistently neglected their payment obligations.

This initiative coincides with UMEME, the national power supplier, issuing warnings to disconnect several water boosters due to outstanding electricity bills. Among those at risk of disconnection are Chuho Water Source (owing 79 million Shillings), Kisoro Hill Booster (owing 38 million Shillings), Nyarusiza (owing 6 million Shillings), Gasiza (owing 7 million Shillings), and others.

Ariho, the Kisoro branch’s esteemed Area Manager, known for his tenacity and dedication in promoting National Water and Sewerage Services, expressed his disappointment at customers’ lack of response to continuous reminders via text messages, radio talk shows, and social media blasts urging them to settle their water bills.

“We find ourselves between a rock and a hard place due to clients’ negligence to pay for water. Therefore, we have launched a massive campaign to disconnect accounts with outstanding bills beyond one month,” Ariho explained.

Highlighting the critical importance of water services in every household, Ariho urged customers to prioritize their water bills. He emphasized that no household with an account at NWSC should have to go without water even for a single day.

Ariho further advised customers to make their water bill payments through banks, banking agents, or mobile money instead of handing cash to field staff. For those who have already made cash payments to field staff, he urged them to report their transactions to the following numbers to ensure accurate tracking and reconciliation of payments: 0777-077-318, 0782434938, toll-free lines 0800-200-977, or 0800-300-977.

NWSC’s efforts to address the issue of unpaid water bills aim to ensure the sustainability and uninterrupted provision of quality water services to the community. The corporation encourages all customers to fulfill their payment obligations promptly, enabling NWSC to continue delivering its vital services efficiently.

By taking these measures, the Kisoro branch of the National Water and Sewerage Corporation hopes to recover the substantial amount of outstanding payments and ensure the reliable provision of water services for the benefit of the entire community.

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