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NWSC set to improve water supply in Soroti

SOROTI: Soroti Area, together with Kaberamaido, are part of the NWSC Operational Areas in Eastern Uganda. The two Areas currently rely on a conventional water treatment plant and intake located at Awoja, in the Kyoga catchment.

The Water Treatment facilities at Awoja were upgraded in 2006 to a production capacity of 7,500m3/day, with a fifteen (15) year design horizon, i.e. up to the Year 2021.

Because of the hydraulic constrictions within the Plant and conveyance systems, the Area can only produce up to 5,000m3/day. This has as such created a demand/supply gap, which was recently made worse with the establishment of the Soroti Industrial Park.

NWSC MD, Dr. Eng. Silver Mugisha while speaking to the press stressed that Soroti and Kaberamaido currently have a demand of about 8,000m3/day, which the current production facilities cannot meet. In a bid to improve water supply services for Soroti and Kaberamaido and the surrounding areas, the Government of Uganda (GoU), through the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC), as part of her commitment towards increased provision of safe water supply and adequate sanitation to all Ugandans, has committed funds towards the improvement of the water abstraction, treatment and conveyance infrastructure at Awoja in Soroti.

Dr. Mugisha also emphasised that the intervention encompasses upgrading of the Awoja Water Treatment Plant and Intake from the current design capacity of 7,500m3/day to 10,000m3/day, through the construction of an additional 2,500m3/day production line and upgrading the raw and treated water pipelines to match the new Plant throughout.

Dr. Mugisha also cautioned the contractor against cost and time overruns and urged them to foresee any issues that may cause delays during the course of the project and plan for them amicably. He concluded his remarks by congratulating the contractors for having gone through a competitive process of objective evaluation.

Speaking on behalf of UPDEAL (U) Limited, Mr. Sengendo thanked NWSC for entrusting them with the work that is aimed at serving Ugandans. Mr. Sengendo and his team committed that they were going to endeavour to complete the project with in the stipulated and ensure value for money hence producing good work.

Scope of Works.
The detailed scope of works entails the following:

• Upgrading of the Intake and Raw Water Pump House Pipe Interconnections and Electromechanical Equipment at Awoja to increase the Abstraction Capacity to 11,000m3/day.
• Laying of a New DN350mm PN10 Steel Raw Water Pumping Main and associated pipework fittings and civil works.
• Increasing the Treatment Capacity of the Awoja Water Treatment Plant to 10,000m3/day by constructing an additional 2,500m3/day Water Treatment Line at the Awoja Water Treatment Plant, comprised of; Flocculator/Distribution Chamber, Clarifier, Rapid Sand Filter, Pump House, and general Water Treatment Plant site works.
• Supply and installation of associated electromechanical equipment comprised of pumps, blowers, surge vessels, standby generators, and their associated electrical panels
• Laying of a new 13.5km DN300mm Steel Treated Water Pumping Main and associated pipework fittings and civil works.
• Laying of a new 6.5km DN200mm PN16 uPVC Distribution Main.

Target Communities.
The Project targets a population of about 138,000 people currently residing in Soroti and Kaberamaido, in the sub counties of Odudui, Dakabela, Aloet, Arapai, Pioneer, Camp Swahili, Kichinjaji, Madera, Central, Akisim, Moruapesur, Kengere, Nakatunya, Oderai Majengo, Pamba and Senior Quarters, respectively. This population is projected to grow to about 200,000 by the year 2035 and 300,000 by the year 2045.

Project Implementation Arrangements

The works shall be executed by M/s UPDEAL (U) Limited, at a cost of UGX 6.9 billion. The Contract duration is twelve (12) months, followed by the Defects Liability Period of twelve (12) months.

Following the signature of the Works Contract, the site shall be handed over to the Contractor in Mid-February for the construction works to commence.

Nwsc is committed to clean and safe water for a delighted customer by a delighted workforce.

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