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NWSC Security Team, UPPB Team up to boost Water Security

KAMPALA: The National Water and Sewerage Corporation’s Security department recently embarked on a crucial mission to assess the security of prepaid meters, particularly community water dispensers, in partnership with the Urban Poor People’s Branch (UPPB). Led by a distinguished team consisting of Col. Sarah Mpabwa, Lt Col Robert Kagahe, Mr. Tumwine Stephen, and Mr. Wilson, this initiative aimed to evaluate the progress of the ongoing registration exercise and ensure the safety and efficiency of these vital water points.

The visit commenced with an insightful tour guided by PPPB Branch Manager, Ms. Evelyn Mukajusi and her dedicated staff, who showcased various community water dispensers equipped with both Elster Kent and Susteq prepaid meters, thoughtfully placed around the Kisenyi – Mengo region.

A comprehensive discussion followed, focusing on diverse security aspects, including cost-cutting measures for operation and installation of prepaid meters, as well as the critical role of community sensitization in safeguarding these water points. The exchange of valuable insights between the NWSC Security team and UPPB highlighted the need for streamlining both the electronic and mechanical components of the meters, ultimately ensuring optimal service delivery to the community.

In the course of the meeting, Col. Sarah Mpabwa expressed her commendation for UPPB’s proactive approach in addressing security concerns. Emphasizing the importance of protecting community water dispensers, she stressed that equitable access to clean water for all residents is paramount.

Echoing her sentiments, Lt Col Robert Kagahe emphasized that enhancing the security of prepaid meters not only safeguards valuable water resources but also protects the significant investments made in these crucial water points. He applauded UPPB for their unwavering dedication to providing a safe and sustainable water supply to the community.

Mr. Wilson, representing the NWSC Security Department, affirmed the importance of collaborative efforts in tackling security challenges effectively. He assured the UPPB team of the continued support and cooperation from the NWSC Security Department in their shared mission to uphold water dispenser security.


The dedication displayed by both teams throughout this endeavor bodes well for the promising future of NWSC installations in urban pro-poor communities. As they join forces to secure and optimize prepaid meters, this alliance promises to pave the way for a more secure and sustainable water supply that benefits all residents alike.

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