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NWSC MD Eng Mugisha calls for planting more trees to restore degraded wetlands

FILE PHOTO: Eng. Dr. Silver Mugisha

KAMPALA: Dr. Silver Mugisha has urged Ugandans to plant more trees to reverse the effects of climate change and help restore wetlands.
The Managing Director National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) Dr Mugisha said that  restoration of the environment would help the country in achieving the 6th Sustainable  Development Goal of Clean water and sanitation.
Players in the water sector spent the better half of Friday discussing challenges and solutions to the water and environment sector.
According to Dr Mugisha,  mindset change is the remedy to adapting to all challenges that are bound to happen in water and environment sector
“Continuous learning mindset is the magic bullet because we need to educate the young as well so that they are environment ready”, Mugisha said.
Dr. Mugisha implored the government to involve the youth through water professionals and school water and sanitation clubs in order to prepare the next generation for the challenges.
The District Governor of Rotary International Dr Mike Sebalu highlighted the need for collective efforts to champion water scarcity.
“This cause is not for the government but we need to work together as schools, industries and also sector players”, Sebalu said.

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